Insero Air Traffic Solutions

We enable digital transformation through strong partnerships and sustainable solutions

Our history

What we do

We design, implement and deliver air traffic solutions that help airports, ANSPs and associated businesses meet future capacity. Read more about our main areas of focus here.

Digital transformation. AviSky is a real-time gateway platform dedicated to take digitalisation to the next level. With a single-consolidated data view across systems, AviSky enables you to unlock the business potential of your data for remote tower and smarter airport operations, to identify and analyse areas of improvement and reduce cost.

Software solutions that support Air Traffic Control in tower & approach. Our complete software suite covers the air traffic controller needs to operate approach and tower positions at airports including Radar display, Flight Data Processing System, Electronic Flight Progress Strips, Remote Control and Monitoring Systems and Meteorological Systems like AWOS. Our solutions improve your situational awareness as well as the safety and flexibility needed in your daily work.

Air Traffic Analyser. The Air Traffic Analyser (SERIS) provides real-time operational performance data and enables users to optimise air traffic behaviour. The Insero SERIS solution combines tracking and analysis in one platform. You get an advanced Registration of Terminal and En-route Charges tool that enable you to keep track of flights and secure revenue streams as well as an Air Traffic Analyser designed to optimise air traffic conditions. This optimizes the quality of data and enables you to focus on your operational goals. 

Our mission

Air traffic behaviour is changing faster than ever before. At the same time, our climate is becoming ever more strained. Reducing CO2 emissions is a common effort, and we want to do our part!

That is why it is our mission to help airports, ANSPs and associated businesses meet future capacity and safety needs in a cost effective and environmentally friendly way.

With more than 40 years of experience in enabling digital transformation in aviation and strengthening operational performance at airports, we deliver cost-effective solutions that meet the requirements of today but are ready to handle the needs of tomorrow.

Comprehensive market insights

Comprehensive market insight, professional business-approach and -acumen are our foundation for providing solutions that support you in reaching your objectives.

That is why we offer the highest quality of service and accommodate each individual challenge with flexible and customised solutions.

Our history

The company was founded in 1981 in Horsens, Denmark. Throughout the years, our name has changed, but our passion has always been the same – to innovate, develop and rethink software solutions so we can help our customers accommodate future and present challenges. A passion that has shaped our solutions.

Our solutions are applied by many to keep air traffic safe, efficient and sustainable, and we are proud to be a trusted supplier of air traffic solutions in Northern Europe. 

We are owned by Danish-based Insero Horsens which invests in innovative companies with the purpose of creating the strongest technical competence center within energy and IT.