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Effective data management

The Air Traffic Management environment is changing faster than ever before. At the same time, air traffic behaviour is changing and rising demands for CO2 neutrality increase pressure on you as an airport to continously improve operations.

That is why, we offer air traffic solutions that help you optimise, predict and coordinate air traffic through effective data management.  

Our solutions enable you to access, monitor and control aeronautical and meterological information in a simple and easy way.

With greater predictability and puntuality, you get the perfect tools to boost your business initiatives - whether it be to reduce fuel consumption, increase safety, optimise equipment replacement or the like. 

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We offer a range of solutions within air traffic control, remote control and monitoring systems, real-time information platforms and meteorological systems that enable you to obtain full situational awareness and maintain safe and efficient airport operations in an environmentally friendly way.

AviCast - streamline and automate ATIS/VOLMET services

Insero AviCast is the latest generation of the Insero broadcasting solutions, building on many years of experience and operational use, yet based on a modern service-oriented server architecture and secure browser-based web applications.

For Automatic Terminal Information Service (ATIS) and/or VOLMET flight weather broadcast to aircraft in flight/enroute, Insero AviCast will support your needs

AviSky - real-time information platform

Air traffic data is often scattered across multiple data systems, making data hard to access – and even harder to manage and secure.

With AviSky, you can access, control and monitor all aviation data in one platform. It is the real-time information management platform from which future capacity and operational excellence is achieved.

Remote control and monitoring

Airports consist of thousands of measurement points, sensors and data which are critical to gain full overview of operative status.

With our remote control and monitoring system, you can reduce complexity and make it easier for air traffic controllers to act, predict and control airfield equipment. The Insero RCMS system unifies all systems in one solution helping traffic controllers work smarter and increase safety.

Air traffic control

With increasing pressure to continuously improve operations at many airports, sharing accurate and timely information is becoming ever more important.

With our air traffic control solutions, we provide you with systems that support you in maintaining a safe and efficient airspace through effective data sharing.

Meteorological systems

When it comes to air traffic execution and planning, weather conditions have a major influence.

For airplanes to land in any kind of weather, we provide air traffic controllers with real time meteorological information, so they have full awareness of current weather conditions. With Insero AWOS, we enable faster response time and decision-making.

How we have helped others

Danish Defence upgrades RCMS at air bases in Denmark

The system is applied at three air bases in Denmark and will by the end of 2020 be fully upgraded.

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Secure and efficient exchange of data

With AviSky, Copenhagen Airport can now exchange data between airside systems in a secure and efficient way.

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Implementation of AWOS and AGL in Iceland

We have installed and implemented the AWOS system into the daily operation of Keflavik - the international airport at Iceland.

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