The AviSky platform

AviSky is a real-time gateway platform dedicated to take digitalisation to the next level. With a single-consolidated data view across systems, AviSky enables you to unlock the business potential of your data for remote tower integration, smarter airport operations, SWIM services or to identify and analyse areas of improvement and reduce cost.

Global applicability

AviSky is designed with global applicability in mind. The platform is built upon well-proven, redundant & scalable standard data streaming, -storage and -indexing modules. By applying industry standard protocols and interfaces, the AviSky platform can easily be integrated with additional systems to extend the solution.

Boost your business initiatives
With new ways of fusing, querying and analysing datasets that have previously been disconnected or in a state where data analysis has not been possible, AviSky supports your business priorities - whether it be sustainability goals or safety measures.

The AviSky analytics modules enable you to analyse or simulate new operational patterns and behaviours to support your decisions, regardless if the aim is to e.g. reduce fuel consumption or support tower operations.

Many application possibilities

AviSky is applicable in numerous ways - whether it be to connect multiple airports, systems or enhance cross-ANSP collaboration. With a single integration point, you have an accessible and flexible information platform.

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Increase your operational capacity

With all your data available in one platform, you can easily identify operational gaps and bottlenecks just as centralised monitoring of real-time and historical data enables you to evaluate performance.

It is the perfect tool for increasing capacity and expanding operations allowing fewer delays, faster turnarounds, faster response times and lean maintenance planning.


Take your digitalisation to the next level
AviSky paves the way for optimisation of all operational areas with respect to cost and required service levels. Even more so, it supports your efforts in improving systems availability and reliability and enables you to respond faster to alerts and operational disruptions. 

Thanks to the scalability, modularity and flexibility of AviSky, you will operate a future-proof solution that is designed to grow with your business and future demands.

Key features

Unlock your business potential

Through real-time data consolidation and open technology solutions, AviSky enables you to unlock the business potential of your data

Supports business transformation

Supporting smarter airport operations and digital transformation for Airports, ANSPs and Remote Towers

Analytics and insights

Real time dashboards, reporting & analytics engine

Monitoring Support

Centralised monitoring provides an always updated overview of system health status. AviSky and connected applications are monitored and alerts can be dispatched using e.g. SNMP

Seamless Integration

A single point of integration for Insero and third-party systems using industry standard interfaces and supporting a smarter airports future with a single coherent source of data

Data and interface versioning

Since data and protocols evolve over time, AviSky data structures are versioned which ensures that existing systems does not need to be updated concurrently

Protocol conversion

AviSky provides the infrastructure for implementing conversions between different data formats and protocols

Scalable and high availability

The AviSky Cluster scales with your business to meet future demands and provides data and node failure resilience

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Customer cases

Control and monitor multiple Remote Tower Airports

The Danish Air Navigation Service Provider, Naviair, can now easily exchange and manage data from several Danish airports.

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Secure and efficient exchange of data

With AviSky, Copenhagen Airport can now exchange data between airside systems in a secure and efficient way.

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Smooth transition from X.25 to FMTP in Finland

Finavia obtains a smooth, cost-effective and gradual transition from X.25 to FMTP with the FMTP GWY.

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