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The problem

When it comes to air traffic execution and planning, weather conditions have a major influence. A little hail can cause landing aircrafts to take longer to slow and fog requires a decrease in landing rate. 

The solution

For airplanes to land in any kind of weather, we provide air traffic controllers with real-time meteorological information, so they have full awareness of current weather conditions. This enables faster response time and decision-making. 

Unified information on current weather conditions

The Automatic Weather Observation System, Insero AWOS, is the preferred tool of air traffic controllers to gain full overview of weather conditions. The system collects, handles, presents and distributes real-time weather information and can generate relevant reports – independent of sensor manufacturer.

Insero AWOS has also been integrated for Remote Tower operations.

Automatic weather observation

Insero AWOS is an automatic or semi-automatic system for collecting, calculating and presenting meteorological information including Meteorological Aerodrome Report (METAR), MET REPORT including calculated Runway Visuel Range (RVR). The system is designed to meet individual needs and can for instance operate fully automated at remote helicopter sites og in a semi-automatic manner in a meteorological office or observation post.

Prepared to scale your operations

Due to the unique and flexible design, Insero AWOS is sensor independent. It operates with the airport’s current sensors and continues to operate if sensors are upgraded. This provides you with the possibility to add unlimited meteorological sensors from different manufacturers to the systems without compromising information quality. 

Fully automated for (un)manned sites

Insero AWOS provides fully automated reporting of weather information via e.g. ATIS and SNOWTAM.

For remote or unmanned sites like helipads, offshore windfarms and rigs the fully automatic AWOS operations is typically the norm. AWOS supports autonomous weather reporting as well as the Automatic Terminal Information Service (Insero ATIS) and the new ICAO requirements in relation to Runway Condition Assessment Matrix (RCAM)/Global Reporting Format (GRF) and the automatic SNOWTAM distribution.

Integration and delivery of meteorological sensors

Insero can integrate existing meteorological sensors from different manufacturers, or deliver a complete meteorological system including sensors if requested.

Prevent information overload

Insero AWOS offers a customised interface which is designed according to the needs of the specific user. In that way, we provide weather observers and air traffic controllers with the information they need – and reduce excess information.

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One system – several configurations

Insero AWOS can be applied in several combinations which enables you to support operations in the way that fits your needs. For instance, you can broadcast meteorological data from MET REPORT and other important information for pilots by integrating the solution with our Automatic Terminal Information Service – ATIS.

Furthermore, you can apply the system in all kinds of helicopter platforms and configure the system as an AUTO METAR or ATIS station for unmanned operation. Insero AWOS combines the features of a complete weather observation system with advanced ATIS and remote-control function such as radio-controlled switching heliport lights and heliport cleaning.

With Insero AWOS, we deliver a complete meteorological system including hardware if requested. 

Key features

Real time, unified weather system

Insero AWOS is a proven weather observation system which has been designed to meet the needs for unified, real-time weather information and reporting.

Automatic weather observation

Whether to support automatic or semi-automatic systems, Insero AWOS solution can support air traffic controllers, weather observers and technical staff.

Support for operational procedures

Simplified operations with automatic execution of operation sequences e.g. change of runway direction or change of CAT approach.

Operation modes evaluation

Processing of health data for the weather sensors is presented for the air traffic controller and recommends preferred operation mode.

Customised user interface for optimum efficiency

The modular and customisable user interface allows for adapted presentation layout to enhance efficiency and safety at each individual airport.

Scales to operational needs

Insero AWOS scales to the needs, ranging from airstrips to multiple runway (CAT I/II/III) airports, or for e.g. helicopter platforms and wind parks. Insero AWOS has also been integrated for Remote Tower operations.

Real time control and monitoring

Full situational awareness and operational status is provided for Insero AWOS and integrated weather sensors, independent of sensor manufacturer.

High quality synthetic speech

The ATIS broadcasts are automatically updated, and use advanced dictionary with options to utilize phonemes, alias and spell out methods.

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