Danish Defence upgrades RCMS at air bases in Denmark

The Danish Defence is upgrading their Remote Control and Monitoring system with new features and integration of new systems. The system is applied at three air bases in Denmark and will by the end of 2020 be fully upgraded.

The Remote Control and Monitoring System (RCMS) from Insero Air Traffic Solutions is applied by air traffic controllers at the Danish Air Force to gain full overview of all relevant technical equipment on site at their three air bases in Denmark.

In an everchanging environment where new systems are continuously acquired, it is a natural next step for us to upgrade our RCMS to include newest features and systems. Insero Air Traffic Solutions, who is a trusted partner of the Danish Defence, will upgrade our systems in a safe and efficient way.

by Jes Olsen, Project Manager, Air Traffic Control & Meteorological systems from Danish Ministry of Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organisation.

The Remote Control and Monitoring System by Insero Air Traffic Solutions enables the traffic controllers at the air bases to control several airfield equipment – independent on manufacturer - in one unified system. It is applied by the Danish Air Force to control and monitor airport systems for NAVIADS, runway lights, taxiway lights, stopbars etc.

The system will be upgraded over the course of this year and will be fully upgraded by the end of 2020.

Key features

Real-time control and monitoring of airfield equipment

Full situational awareness is obtained across equipment independent of manufacturer.

Support for operation procedures

Simplified operations with automatic execution of operation sequences e.g. change of RWY direction or change of CAT approach.

Customised display and design capabilities

The modular user interface allows for easy customisation and presentation layout to enhance efficiency and safety at each individual airport.

Operation modes evaluation

Processing of health data for the airfield equipment is presented for the air traffic controller and recommends preferable operation mode.

Event logs and alarm overview

The technical staff have access to current and historical data on airfield equipment performance to support increase in operational performance.

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