PANSA successfully completes a multi-stage upgrade of Insero SERIS

Insero Air Traffic Solutions (IATS) has in close cooperation with Polish Air Navigation Services Agency (PANSA) completed a multi-stage upgrade of the Insero Statistics, Economics and Route Charges Information System (SERIS) solution, including Data Exchange By Internet (DEBI) interface with the EUROCONTROL Central Route Charges Office (CRCO).

In March of 2021, PANSA awarded a contract to IATS on a multi-staged SERIS data validation and reporting system project, with a combined 4-year duration, consisting of four development stages, as well as a continuous operational support stage. Notwithstanding the travel restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic environment and other obstacles beyond control which the parties have been facing within the timeframe of the contract execution, now all the four development stages have been successfully completed and, what is more, on budget and 5 months ahead of the original schedule. This result for such a complex project would never be possible without a remarkable collaborative effort of the PANSA and IATS project teams!

The new Insero SERIS solution has been in operational use throughout 2022 following the first two development stages. The 3rd and 4th stages were delivered and operational in the second and fourth quarters of 2022 respectively.

SERIS is a multifunctional tool which has been very well adapted up to the PANSA needs. Firstly, it supports on a daily basis, the work of our internal users in the historical flight data validation process, using the information stemming from multiple operational sources, i.a. from our air navigation system, radar data and flight planning data. Secondly, the daily flights data after verification may be automatically transmitted from SERIS to the EUROCONTROL CRCO system and to the internal PANSA ERP system, as the source data to produce invoices for En-route and Terminal navigation services provided by PANSA to the specific Airspace Users (AUs) active within the Polish charging zones. Moreover, SERIS is used as a standalone data platform where all the necessary operational and supporting historical information is being gathered and available. As such, SERIS may be used as an analysis tool, making it possible to produce various reports: the economic – e.g. on the traffic volumes and evaluation of navigation charges as well as the operational or environmental – e.g. on flight patterns and trajectories executed by AUs within the EPWW - Warszawa FIR. I have to admit that the upgraded SERIS is now a great solution supporting the economic processes of navigation services cost recovery, with a comparable level of complexity and business importance as other operational systems used by PANSA. Other benefits of the current version of SERIS are the user friendly, ergonomic interface of each specific System module and specific functions aimed at the optimization of data validation process, which have led to significant time saving and more accuracy of the exit information. It was also very impressive to see how the constructive and productive cooperation between the IATS and PANSA Project Teams has led to additional efficiencies and time savings in relation to the new System implementation

by Jaroslaw Ziomek, Deputy Director for Financial Operations, PANSA

Timely and correct recovery of Air Navigation Services provision costs is crucial for the cash flow of ANS Providers. SERIS enables to import and validate all relevant flight data, it digitalises and automates the consolidation, matching and enrichment of the flight/billing records and subsequently enables to export the processed data for both internal and external systems. In fact, 10 different systems/data sources are integrated into Insero SERIS to support the automation and correct processing of the charges, billing and claims processes.

The consolidated data is of great value to the organisation, also beyond the terminal/route charges purposes, but also for air traffic and airspace analysis/optimization, reporting etc. The Insero SERIS system therefore supports various users most effectively, by providing several specialised applications modules/clients, such as RCO Client (Route Charges Office application for validation and correction of all flight messages), COR/CLA Client (Handling of corrections, claims and additional flights), REVAL Client (Revenue Validation), ERP Client (Finalising billable flights for export to the ERP/billing system), ATC Analyzer Client (Airspace traffic pattern and utilisation analyser), Web Portal/Reporting (Providing access to common, customisable statistical and financial reports) and an Administrator Client (System administration application).

Michael H. Tandrup, CEO at Insero Air Traffic Solutions adds:

"It has been a tremendous pleasure to experience the collaborative efforts and great results of the PANSA/Insero team, and I am sure the resulting Insero SERIS solution will set the new standard and be of significant benefit to many other ANSPs as well, whether for automated processing of route/terminal charges, air traffic analysis and/or air traffic optimisation."

SERIS from Insero Air Traffic Solutions is utilised by several European ANSPs, and with this joint Insero Air Traffic Solutions and PANSA program a new standard has been set.

Insero SERIS will together with other Insero Air Traffic Solutions offerings be on display at the upcoming Airspace World conference in Geneva, Switzerland on 8-10 March 2023, where we will be present at stand number J20.

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